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Let Us Not Discriminate the LGBTQI+ Community

Source: Worldwide Equality for the LGBTQI+


I Care About Our Natural Environment

Having a clear vision and philosophical mindset about helping the environment to be preserved and healthy is magnanimous.

Source: Our Natural Environment

Tweeting & Sharing with others provide learning opportunity in other fields of interests

Social Media has its own advantages and disadvantages. A critical thinking and strategic mindset must be exercised at all times to avoid being drowned with it and just wasted time, energy and not being productive.

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Editor’s Choice at The Expatriate Executive Daily News – ReloNavigator’s Solving Organizational Needs Internationally

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Understanding US Investor’s Visa To Achieve Results

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Editor’s Choice – Nexus Canada Featured ReloNavigator’s Article – Solving Organizational Needs Internationally

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Editor’s Feature in Education Section of Nexus Canada – “Understanding US Investor’s Visa”

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Solving Organizational Needs Internationally with Limited Experience

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