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I Care About Our Natural Environment

Having a clear vision and philosophical mindset about helping the environment to be preserved and healthy is magnanimous.

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Colder Temperature in Bellingham at 19°F or -7°C

Indeed, quite a colder feeling than how the weather bureau saysl! Fascinating 🙂

Leaves will soon turning a different color to enjoy

Indeed, the natural beauty of the foliage will soon be arriving!

Credit: JTs

The View that makes you wonder how nature has become



The Saturday Evening Treat when BBQing

Couldn’t ask for more!

Enjoying TheMoments

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The Natural display that cannot be ignored

Sceneries, People and the Amenities

Now, this is what we are talking about! Engaging community, fun, people and social amenities! Great post.

Enjoying TheMoments

Bellingham is a city that offers many amenities to various types of individuals, couples and families. It is a sound destination of those who like to enjoy living in a well balanced life-style with lower stress and pressures. Things that you enjoy outdoors unlike in a city life.

I enjoy the many panoramas of Bellingham, friendly people, and yes the people who work in many businesses in Bellingham knows how to execute real Customer Service deeds with a smile. People in other cities and states must come and learn those traits of a lifetime from Bellingham.

There is nothing boring about Bellingham ~

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