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I Care About Our Natural Environment

Having a clear vision and philosophical mindset about helping the environment to be preserved and healthy is magnanimous.

Source: Our Natural Environment


The View that makes you wonder how nature has become



The Natural display that cannot be ignored

Being an Expat: Adventures, Evolving Changes and Benefits

The changing spectrum of many global communities is an enrichment and opportunity for equality.

What’s keeping you happy?

This is a question that some of you might not expect from someone you never met.

However, this question is not a strange one. It is a realistic and pragmatic question that will relate to your personal self and external interests.

I am happy in relating to people who are knowledgeable, practical, with common sense, socially inclined, sensitive to culture, and particularly those who knows how to enjoy life as it comes and not being too ‘geeky’ or selfish.

This summer i look forward to maximize fun and experience the opportunities of happiness in life, plus the fun that brings by others into the events.

When you look at the photo below .. how do you feel? What are your reactions?  I would love to hear about it… and share with us all.