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I Care About Our Natural Environment

Having a clear vision and philosophical mindset about helping the environment to be preserved and healthy is magnanimous.

Source: Our Natural Environment


Multiple Visa Entry for Canadian Visitors

Great move for Canada!


Another program that CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada that improved is the issuance of Multiple Visa Entry for Canadian Visitors. This strategic move will attract economic growth by tourism to Canada. Small and big enterprises  including  Canada as a country will benefit on the results of loosening up visitor’s visa and offering multiple visas to those who qualify.

Today, the Office of CIC released an announcement that “Visitors to Canada will automatically be considered for a multiple-entry visa, starting on February 6, 2014. Multiple-entry visas allow qualified visitors to come and go from Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years without having to reapply each time.”

 It is important to note that processing fees for TRV – Temporary Resident Visa has been reduced from $150 CAN to $100 CAN. This applies to either single entry or multiple entry.

The Announcement also noted that “Citizenship…

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Ten Strategies That Will Make You Become Cross-Culturally Competent Communicator in the 21st Century

Cultural Competency is a MUST for anyone who likes to succeed in the globalized world. Many says they are globally oriented and or working globally but when you begin talking to them in a globalized information – they are lost. Why? They are not actually globally competent, instead they only work in a globally operating organization but the focus of their functional responsibility is either US or just one country but not having two or more countries knowledge and competency.

So, that shows how shallow the competency of people around us in regards to cross-culturally competence. These ten strategies help anyone to begin understanding what are required to become one.


 This is the overview of what you can become and you will experience life without limitations!


First Step: Learn from the basics, and then bring yourself to speed up to maximum level. Like the illustrated ladder of learning for someone who likes to become Communicative Competent.
Learn English JPG
Second Step: Distinguish yourself with the learning of proper and correct vocabulary. Use them efficiently at any location, event, or when you are sharing information with someone regardless of his/her background.
vocabulary development JPG

Third Step: Take time to practice with other people. There are many venues of learning and practicing.  The following is an example of the venue for practice. Some are free and some are paid. You get the value of what you pay for and the experience when it is given free.

Fourth Step: Understand the implications and sociological meanings of words, phrases, idiomatic expressions, slangs or the so called ‘lingua-franca’ By knowing…

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Editor’s Choice – Nexus Canada Featured ReloNavigator’s Article – Solving Organizational Needs Internationally

Whether you have been on your job for years or just a newbie, you will need additional knowledge and expertise in your team in order to make sure you are responding to the needs of your business and supporting your growth and efficiency at highest level. Integrate ReloNavigator in your team as your additional resource.

ReloNavigator is a Member of TAG for Northwest Washington

Having ReloNavigator as one of your trusted resource will be a win-win strategy because their expertise sustains effeciency and return on investments on every foreign national hire. They can guide you with best practices and results oriented techniques in achieving your business goals.

Desserts that are sumptuous

These are great summer desserts! The presentation is just divine, I wished I was included in the party 🙂

Enjoying TheMoments

Every now and then, I pamper my palate with sumptuous dessert! And yes, this dessert that we made last weekend was something to remember.

dessert_bananasplit_blackcurrent PNG

This seasonal summer desserts are fun and sumptuously enjoyable in your palate, banana split graced with black current compote.

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The View that makes you wonder how nature has become



China: New Visa Law and Regulation Impacts Expats and Foreign Workers

Expat in China must be very careful with how this law will interfere with their business and social life. Make sure that all visas and permits are current and not get involve with violations of particular regulations.

Bellingham Pride: Inclusive Festivities, Fun and Meaningful

Indeed a celebration of the community. I liked Pride Celebrations and I always go with my friends to enjoy the day. It has been an annual part of my calendar.

Enjoying TheMoments

Whenever my time allows me, I make sure to be a part of the Pride Celebrations regardless of location across the globe. However, it’s been over six years since I have attended the last Pride Celebration that was then in Brighton, England.

Last Sunday, the festivities during the Pride 2013 in Bellingham was quite fun and celebratory.  The participants and spectators enjoyed the parade, food and conversations among friends and acquaintances.  During the parade, my digital Nikon D7000 captured quite celebratory actions, of which I am sharing to anyone interested or who have missed it.

Pick your choices and let us know what you think…






And many families shared the festivities with their tots and growing children. This shows a well[-balanced society thinking. Pride is not only meant for the LGBT community but the whole society. This was manifested in the participation of community members whom I…

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The Saturday Evening Treat when BBQing

Couldn’t ask for more!

Enjoying TheMoments

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