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TN Visa: Mexican NAFTA Professionals – Consular Officer Adjudicates Eligibility “Approved Petition Not Needed”

Great improvement for the TN Visa – NAFTA Professionals from Mexico. How about the Canadians?


Pencil Your Calendar for the 2014 Seminar Focused on Industry Updates – Don’t Miss It!

This is the type of event that will set your short or long term strategies because the topics will help you create a strategic mindset that will influence your priorities in 2014. The experts give you insights that are significant to your business. I will keep that in my calendar immediately.

Creating Opportunities and Successes Amidst Complexity

The challenges you face will be provided with care and effective solutions by ReloNavigator – call 1 (360) 312-4300 to arrange for immediate appointment and discuss your 2014 business needs.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“In many ways, there are opportunities that exist. Knowing what your competency, what you would like doing, where do you like it to happen, whom would you consider as great influencer or beneficiary of your competency.

These are the never ending challenges of individuals who would like to gain successes. While they are complex needing more efforts than one likes to exert, at the end of the day “only you can make the difference” in order to become what you wanted to be.

On the other hand, there are ways in acquiring competency. Invest on increasing knowledge, experience and acumen. Hire an experienced Coach who can help you.


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Tweeting & Sharing with others provide learning opportunity in other fields of interests

Social Media has its own advantages and disadvantages. A critical thinking and strategic mindset must be exercised at all times to avoid being drowned with it and just wasted time, energy and not being productive.

Editor’s Choice at The Expatriate Executive Daily News – ReloNavigator’s Solving Organizational Needs Internationally

Having an expertise that you don’t have under your sleeve is very beneficial when you are faced with situations like the article has illustrated. Great information. More Power to ReloNavigator, call them as your additional resource like the way Expatriate Executive Daily News views their experience.

Editor’s Choice – Nexus Canada Featured ReloNavigator’s Article – Solving Organizational Needs Internationally

Whether you have been on your job for years or just a newbie, you will need additional knowledge and expertise in your team in order to make sure you are responding to the needs of your business and supporting your growth and efficiency at highest level. Integrate ReloNavigator in your team as your additional resource.

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ReloNavigator Wishes Happy Retirement to Terry Lehmann

There is no better time that to wake up that day, that Terry will not be reporting to work site. Most likely, he will sleep longer too. Best Wishes Terry.

ReloNavigator’s Founder & Principals Meet & Greet Event – Join Us!

If you are reading this, and have not RSVP’d .. don’t miss out the opportunity. Reserve your seat now, it is free! and you can bring your colleague as well.

ReloNavigator is a Member of Connections – Bellingham, Whatcom & King County Businesses

Congratulations ReloNavigator, keep expanding your circle of influence.