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Another Addition To My List of Places To Visit in the Future: Castle Quests — Rucksack Rose

Among the most well known features of the Northumbrian landscape are the castles and fortifications. This post includes six family friendly walks which will enable you to visit castles which are open to the public such as Bamburgh, explore 16th century fortifications at Berwick, or wander past picturesque ruins of follies such as Twizell Castle […]

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Icons of the Past Are Essential for Future Generation: A Stone Bridge Built in the Year 1600, the Berwick Old Bridge — ScotlandandMe2by

Can you imagine the hard working men who built this stone bridge in the years between 1608 and 1624? Today, the quality of workmanship sustained its promise as an icon and a part of it is seen standing tall and its arch architecture over the Ord Drive. Some historical facts about this 355 meters long […]

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I Agree 101 Percent With Lord Toby: Life Is Beautiful, Says Lord Toby — ScotlandandMe2by

Lord Toby is most likely adjusted into his new environment in Kelso, Scotland. He is back into his favorite daily routines such as playing, comfortably snoozing in his favorite places, observing the outdoor activities through the window, watching birds and other animals, eating, drinking, watching TV and posing for the camera, etc …

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Indeed, They Illustrate Our Wonderful World of Natural Amenities and Determination of People: The Nature Within A Landscape — ScotlandandMe2by

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Would Not Mind Living Here Either! Kelso, Scotland – Our New Hometown in UK — ScotlandandMe2by

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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Being Occupied with Relevance Is Fun

At times in our lives, we can be more fluid with our lifestyles and living the moments when we disconnect ourselves from the impersonal web of social media.

Living is an appreciation of what is relevant that make our lives healthier with fun.

The Ranch Style Home Is The Most Popular Home in America: Visit #3707NHeatherPlace

This is a great insight from Ms. Baker who can give her clients about ‘Ranch Style Home’ advantages and long term practicality.

“Ranch homes have an extensive history in the U.S., and I’d estimate that about 70 percent of my buyers specifically request this design,” said Elizabeth Baker, US Marine Corps veteran and Realtor with Carolina One Real Estate.

Interestingly enough, that in Bellingham, Washington, a ‘Ranch Style Home’ exists

Many home buyers however are not that educated of this one level home type despite of its many conveniences and architectural designs with open floor plans or layouts. Or do we think that home buyers are confused in terms of looks, size and flexibility of this type of home compared to multiple level homes that appears to be big but actually those stair cases on every level of the building are not considered living space areas and occupy at least 80 SQF? Additionally, those basements are actually considered as 50 percent of its living space?

Perhaps that professional real estate agents must explain to their supposedly clients about these differences. In that way, the home buyer will get the best bang of their bucks.


If you’re thinking of buying a home, you’ve likely given a lot of thought to what style suits you best. Are you drawn to the sleek lines of modern architecture? Or are you a sucker for Craftsman style? If your answer happens to be the modern American ranch, well, you’re certainly not alone—according to a 2016 Trulia study, it’s the most popular pick in 34 states in the U.S.

So what is it that makes this humble home style so pervasive, and more to the point, persistent in the landscape of American architecture?

A Brief History

The ranch is technically rooted in adobes and the more rugged wood-frame-and-sheathed ranch dwellings of the 17th to 19th century. However, self-taught San Diego architect Cliff May is often credited with inventing the style in 1932. This theory also fits the timeline, given ranch homes really took off as affordable housing for the suburb…

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Backyard Gardens Are Beneficial To Our Healthy Living: Organic Foods

Every end of Winter and early part of Spring, we clean and maintain our backyard garden. Create our vegetable garden with an intention of harvesting the crops for late Spring, during Summer days and beyond. And made sure that our gardens for vegetables, flowers and fruits are organically maintained and cultivated.

We have been enjoying our produce since the mid of Spring, even today and up towards mid-Fall Season we will be harvesting more produce. Some of our crops are in photos below …

One Level Modern Ranch-style Home for Everyone: Open House: July 16 in Woodside 98226 #3707NHeatherPlace

Indeed, a great house that can be enjoyed by the right buyer. Highly recommended.

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Great and Informative: People, Society and Frameworks

Finding this site is a great experience. Additionally, learning what were chosen that influence people at large at a given situation, time and location in any sector of our society were unique individuals. Each one posses great qualities and #RealLeaders.

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