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Relaxing Summer Afternoon When It Is Hot, Hot, and Hot

A week ago, there was a feeling of the Fall Season that was arriving because of the chilly breeze and colder weather for the entire week. But today and yesterday, the sweltering heat came back and the mid-Summer temperature were something to bear.

As we see the news, there are other parts of the world that are experiencing severe floods like Texas, USA. Seems like the #ClimateChange is not regressing and it is being felt by many Americans in Texas, particularly in Houston. Just wishing those affected will recover fast and continue their journeys in this grueling world.

More power to everyone and don’t forget drink a lot of water during hot days and everyday too.


Backyard Gardens Are Beneficial To Our Healthy Living: Organic Foods

Every end of Winter and early part of Spring, we clean and maintain our backyard garden. Create our vegetable garden with an intention of harvesting the crops for late Spring, during Summer days and beyond. And made sure that our gardens for vegetables, flowers and fruits are organically maintained and cultivated.

We have been enjoying our produce since the mid of Spring, even today and up towards mid-Fall Season we will be harvesting more produce. Some of our crops are in photos below …

I Care About Our Natural Environment

Having a clear vision and philosophical mindset about helping the environment to be preserved and healthy is magnanimous.

Source: Our Natural Environment

UK’s Staycation Can Be Transformed in Style

I hope she will realize her ineffectiveness.

Spectacular Bellingham: A Glimpse to Natural Beauty, Winter, Gloomy Days and Sunsets!

The days in Bellingham are never boring! There is always a treat to everyone. Great climate and its beautiful surroundings!


During the First week of February, the Winter Snow has been around us, and it was fabulous, indeed.  It was something that tickles my feet, enjoyed it for the day, then it goes away!

2014 Bellingham Mid-winter snow

In the past week,  the days were gloomy, rainy and frosty.

2014 Bellimgham Gloomy Rainy Winter

This week, the grand display of the Bellingham’s Winter Sunsets appeared on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

2014 Bellingham Sunset12014 Bellingham Sunset2

To other Sunset enthusiasts, share us your photos as well… in the many weeks to come from Spring to Fall, there will be more grand display of sunsets in Bellingham! Can’t wait to be sitting at our outdoor deck everyday having cocktails and BBQs while watching the sunset.

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Colder Temperature in Bellingham at 19°F or -7°C

Indeed, quite a colder feeling than how the weather bureau saysl! Fascinating 🙂

The Beautiful Autumn Leaves Around Us

Credit: JTs

Credit: JTs


Credit: @JT’s


Fall Season View





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Leaves will soon turning a different color to enjoy

Indeed, the natural beauty of the foliage will soon be arriving!

Credit: JTs