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One of the Places On My List To Visit: Chaotic Edinburgh with St. James In Progress — ScotlandandMe2by

During the recent visit to Edinburgh, Scotland the centre where John Lewis Store was chaotic because of the soon to rise ‘St James Centre’ – please see images below.

via Chaotic Edinburgh with St. James In Progress — ScotlandandMe2by


Being Occupied with Relevance Is Fun

At times in our lives, we can be more fluid with our lifestyles and living the moments when we disconnect ourselves from the impersonal web of social media.

Living is an appreciation of what is relevant that make our lives healthier with fun.

Backyard Gardens Are Beneficial To Our Healthy Living: Organic Foods

Every end of Winter and early part of Spring, we clean and maintain our backyard garden. Create our vegetable garden with an intention of harvesting the crops for late Spring, during Summer days and beyond. And made sure that our gardens for vegetables, flowers and fruits are organically maintained and cultivated.

We have been enjoying our produce since the mid of Spring, even today and up towards mid-Fall Season we will be harvesting more produce. Some of our crops are in photos below …

UK’s Staycation Can Be Transformed in Style

I hope she will realize her ineffectiveness.

ReloNavigator is a Member of Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism

Our friends from Canada, when traveling to USA, have questions about immigration, relocation, or how to conduct business across the border of Canada, please feel free to contact ReloNavigator. One of our Business Practice Leaders will be available to discuss your options.

Plan To Share Some Love On Valentine’s Day! ReloNavigator Does

Wishing You All with Great Valentine’s Day!

Thanksgiving Celebration is Fun. Let’s Enjoy! Be Safe.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Enjoy the presence of Family and Friends.

ReloNavigator Wishes Happy Retirement to Terry Lehmann

There is no better time that to wake up that day, that Terry will not be reporting to work site. Most likely, he will sleep longer too. Best Wishes Terry.

Economics Elevated Bellingham – Ranked 17th of Top US Growing Cities

Great for Bellingham to be in the top 20 of fast growing cities. However, there are some disadvantages that growth will bring along such as higher crime, etc.

Desserts that are sumptuous

These are great summer desserts! The presentation is just divine, I wished I was included in the party 🙂

Enjoying TheMoments

Every now and then, I pamper my palate with sumptuous dessert! And yes, this dessert that we made last weekend was something to remember.

dessert_bananasplit_blackcurrent PNG

This seasonal summer desserts are fun and sumptuously enjoyable in your palate, banana split graced with black current compote.

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