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A Dialogue: SameSex Expats Are Evolving Players in the International Community

This is a great advocacy to highlight what contributions, challenges and successes of #SamesexExpats abroad. Let’s invite couples who are working as expats internationally and discuss their triumphs for others to understand and be used as their benchmarks. More Power.


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

Let’s highlight the role that #SameSexExpats / #SameSexcouples that play essential functions in the expatriate environments.

We are looking for willing #SameSexExpats who can share us their experiences abroad, their limitations and opportunities. We will explore how #SameSexMarriedCouples become an integral part of the international society.

_2015 culture_SameSexExpats


_2015 culture_inclusive

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#ClimateChange Impact to the Society as a Whole Triggered the Rejection of Keystone Pipeline

#climatechange is affecting everyone across internationally. All of us must do our share in helping the slowing down of the #globalwarming!


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

It is a great move in rejecting the Keystone Pipeline project. This is a long overdue action, stopping the demands of firms that are creating greater pollution into this mother earth.

Kudos to the heads of governments who value the impact of pollution toward humanity and environment.

“Now for years, the Keystone Pipeline has occupied what I, frankly, consider and overinflated role in our political discourse. It became a symbol too often used as a campaign cudgel by both parties rather than a serious policy matter.

And all of this obscured the fact that this pipeline would neither be a silver bullet for the economy, as was promised by some, nor the express lane to climate disaster proclaimed by others.” – said President Obama.

Credits: AP, WashingtonPost

_2015 ClimateChange Rejected KeystonePipeline

Canada’s Prime Minister’s Diplomatic Competency in regards to Keystone XL Pipeline:


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