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Now Open: Overcoming Challenges When Conducting Business, Expanding & Hiring Across Borders of Canada & USA – Seminar on June 4, 2014

This seminar will benefit those investors, businesses, employers who are conducting business, employing Canadians and other nationals. The learning from our speakers will benefit your business effectively. Reserve your seats immediately. Seating is limited.


ReloNavigator is a Member of Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism

Our friends from Canada, when traveling to USA, have questions about immigration, relocation, or how to conduct business across the border of Canada, please feel free to contact ReloNavigator. One of our Business Practice Leaders will be available to discuss your options.

Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Featured ReloNavigator’s Cross-border Businesses and Entrepreneurs Seminar – April 23, 2014

It’s a month to go .. you can reserve your seat, and or share this link to your friends and colleagues who may be able to use the learning from attending.

Leadership Strategies that will Overcome the Challenges of Cross-border Businesses: The Seminar for Employers, Entrepreneurs and Various Types of Businesses

This is an opportunity of learning many techniques, approaches and experiential strategies that will help your business become more effective, less stress and less time wasted. The learning that one acquires from the seminar on “Managing Your Cross-border Business and Overcome Challenges” will increase higher results, efficiency and success.

Please share this link to anyone of your networks, colleagues, friends and co-workers who may be able to benefit from its contents.

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