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Reaching God’s Garden

I have been there at God’s Garden…


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

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ReloNavigator is a Member of Connections – Bellingham, Whatcom & King County Businesses

Congratulations ReloNavigator, keep expanding your circle of influence.

Economics Elevated Bellingham – Ranked 17th of Top US Growing Cities

Great for Bellingham to be in the top 20 of fast growing cities. However, there are some disadvantages that growth will bring along such as higher crime, etc.

New Permanent Residents of Canada Through Federal Skilled Trades Program

Interesting Program … for non academically trained workforce.

Immigration & investing must go together to be successful in a Foreign Country

Whether you are investing or relocating to another country, the number one thing to pay attention is immigration, then others will follow through.

Tweeting is Fun – Be our Friend @relonavigator

Great Idea! Yes, will be in your tweeting friends! Thank you for sharing your ID @relonavigator

ReloNavigator is a Member of TAG for Northwest Washington

Having ReloNavigator as one of your trusted resource will be a win-win strategy because their expertise sustains effeciency and return on investments on every foreign national hire. They can guide you with best practices and results oriented techniques in achieving your business goals.

Canada’s New Citizenship and Immigration Minister – Chris Alexander

There is no doubt, Mr. Alexander will do his best just like in his other functions prior to this Ministry. More Power!

Desserts that are sumptuous

These are great summer desserts! The presentation is just divine, I wished I was included in the party ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoying TheMoments

Every now and then, I pamper my palate with sumptuous dessert! And yes, this dessert that we made last weekend was something to remember.

dessert_bananasplit_blackcurrent PNG

This seasonal summer desserts are fun and sumptuously enjoyable in your palate, banana split graced with black current compote.

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This is the puzzle that confuses you when relocating!

This is the puzzle that confuses you when relocating!

Get in touch with ReloNavigator ( and discuss how they can help you with your current concerns or questions pertaining to any of the pieces of the puzzle when relocating internationally.

ReloNavigator’s Specialists will be very happy to discuss in solving the many issues you are facing when relocating. There is not better resource than experienced individuals in the business and industry.