Supreme Court Rejected Bid to Stop California’s Gay Marriages – Pride 2013 Continues

More successes to the Marriage Equality, All Same Sex Marriages, and LGBT friends and acquaintances.

Enjoying TheMoments

The Los Ageles Times reported that the US Supreme Court has rejected the bid to halt same-sex marriages in California.

Click the link to read the full story.

The bidders in halting the marriages continue to practice their discriminatory ideologies and continue to harm people that are now protected by the US Constitution and issued by the US Supreme Court in June 26, 2013.

Today, the San Francisco Pride 2013 will be celebrated extraordinarily.

Parade organizers say about a million people attended the event last year and they expect at least 4,000 more people this year due to the Supreme Court rulings.

New York Pride 2013 will hold its parade today as well.  One of the Grand Marshall will be Edie Windsor, the winner of the case on DOMA, where Supreme Court issued a federal recognition of Same-Sex Marriages within the states that allow such marriages.

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