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The View that makes you wonder how nature has become




China: New Visa Law and Regulation Impacts Expats and Foreign Workers

Expat in China must be very careful with how this law will interfere with their business and social life. Make sure that all visas and permits are current and not get involve with violations of particular regulations.

Immigration Reform is Essential for Growth

Only those with political agenda who will disagree on the common sense immigration reform.

Bellingham Pride: Inclusive Festivities, Fun and Meaningful

Indeed a celebration of the community. I liked Pride Celebrations and I always go with my friends to enjoy the day. It has been an annual part of my calendar.

Enjoying TheMoments

Whenever my time allows me, I make sure to be a part of the Pride Celebrations regardless of location across the globe. However, it’s been over six years since I have attended the last Pride Celebration that was then in Brighton, England.

Last Sunday, the festivities during the Pride 2013 in Bellingham was quite fun and celebratory.  The participants and spectators enjoyed the parade, food and conversations among friends and acquaintances.  During the parade, my digital Nikon D7000 captured quite celebratory actions, of which I am sharing to anyone interested or who have missed it.

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And many families shared the festivities with their tots and growing children. This shows a well[-balanced society thinking. Pride is not only meant for the LGBT community but the whole society. This was manifested in the participation of community members whom I…

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Tips that Support Expat Spouses & Family Members

I have seen many expats and their family who recinded their assignment and transfer because of the inability of their employer to support the family at their new destination. Great Tips!

Happy Canada Day – Being Canadian

Canada Day is always fun! I enjoy visiting Canada during their holidays.

The Saturday Evening Treat when BBQing

Couldn’t ask for more!

Enjoying TheMoments

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Supreme Court Rejected Bid to Stop California’s Gay Marriages – Pride 2013 Continues

More successes to the Marriage Equality, All Same Sex Marriages, and LGBT friends and acquaintances.

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The Los Ageles Times reported that the US Supreme Court has rejected the bid to halt same-sex marriages in California.

Click the link to read the full story.

The bidders in halting the marriages continue to practice their discriminatory ideologies and continue to harm people that are now protected by the US Constitution and issued by the US Supreme Court in June 26, 2013.

Today, the San Francisco Pride 2013 will be celebrated extraordinarily.

Parade organizers say about a million people attended the event last year and they expect at least 4,000 more people this year due to the Supreme Court rulings.

New York Pride 2013 will hold its parade today as well.  One of the Grand Marshall will be Edie Windsor, the winner of the case on DOMA, where Supreme Court issued a federal recognition of Same-Sex Marriages within the states that allow such marriages.

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Relocation Results Impact Successful Living at Destination

Absolutely, true. I agreed!